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Project Description

DeepKaolin; is a feed premix that helps to regulate the intestinal system of birds and protects their intestinal wall.


Kaolin; is antidiarrheic and a protective agent of the intestinal wall. It covers and protects the irritated intestinal mucosa. Gradually slows the outflow of the feces out. Moreover, during diarrhea period, it eliminates the harmful effects by adsorbing the bacteria and toxins in the intestine. Kaolin is insoluble in water. Therefore, it’s thrown away without absorption and change.

Pectin; also has antidiarrheic properties but unlike kaolin, pectin is soluble in water giving a viscous, colloidal and acidic solution. It reduces digestion rate in the intestine. Pectin shows water retention and protective properties in the large intestine. Pectin is converted into compounds composed of acids but cannot be identified as bacterial motility in the large intestine. These compounds create an environment unsuitable for abnormal bacterial flora that causes diarrhea.


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