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Bio PetActive has been providing its products and services in pet industry since 1998. It’s a trademark belongs to Mar Kimya Veterinary Services LLC. Since its foundation, our company has handled the challenges experienced by pet owners and provided medical and non-medical products, nutritional aids and care products for our lovely pet friends to have a healthy and quality life.

In addition to its experience in the industry, our company continues its path by adding young, dynamic and innovative members to the team. With a researcher approach, we put a special emphasis on the R&D and quality principles of each product we produce. Our company is marking the firsts in our country with many products it has produced in the pet industry. With the power, we receive from the support of our customers, and from experience and knowledge we have gained through our work on the development of our business, we are constantly improving our R&D laboratories.

We have had to increase our production in accordance with the increasing demand we have received and in this direction, we have completed our factory construction in İTOB Organize Industry Zone in Menderes, İzmir. With the transition to the new plant, we are exporting to more than 10 countries with more than 100 products in our product range together with our other brands, meeting increasing domestic and foreign demands. We aim to provide new products to the market which are researching and developing in our laboratories and rapidly increasing the export of our products abroad to make Bio PetActive a world brand.

With the motivation, we receive from the positive feedback from our customers and our zero-compromise policy on quality, our company aims to be one of the leading companies in the industry in the future as it is today.

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