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Bio PetActive Hips and Joint Support nutritional supplements are specially formulated to help our pet friends to run and play as they wish, with healthy hips and strong joints.  GlucoPET & GlucoCHOND 

We are developing and manufacturing products to ensure the superior quality of life our pets deserve. 

BioPetActive nutritional supplements are developed for various life stages, specific needs and conditions of your pets.  All products.

Pet Care


They are more happy and healthy

“Our cat eats Cat Malt hair ball paste heartily for a long time and havent throw up hairball any more.”
“I use for my dog Glucochond strengthening the joint , now running much more with me, seems that the issue was joint pain.”
“A reliable brand Biopetactive, when I called the company veterinary ı had always satisfying answers. Thank you.”
“Mother of kitty could not breastfeed, we explore the Biopetactiv Kitten Milk Powder products. It is enormous now,wonderful :)”

The gentle cleansing power of Bio PetActive Shampoos improve the overall appearance of your pet’s coat leaving your pet with a soft, lustrous and healthy coat. Keeps your pet smelling heavenly.

Innovative solutions for your furry friends! A nutritional supplement for your kittens and puppies, designed by taking a sample of natural breast milk and creating a balanced formula with protein, vitamins, minerals and oils. | With Puppy Trainer Spray toilet training is much easier! | Puppy Shampoo nourishes the skin and fur, giving them extra strength and shine.





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